Assia Djebar was born in Algeria on 4 August 1936, where she published her first novel, La Soif under the name of Assia Djebar in the year 1957 followed by her second novel Les Impatients in 1958. In the same year Djebar got married with Walid Garn and she worked towards the advanced degree in the history at University of Algeria. Along with writing the novels and huge volume of poems in the meantime she also focused her imagination and strong focus on directing the films where she has found to be a best film maker. The first film of her is La Nouba des femmes in the year 1977 in which in the year 1979 she directed her second film where the story of the film is based on documentary juxtaposing. In the second film the Algerian women were made to sing their traditional song and this has been included in the film.

Childhood and early life of Assia Djebar

The real name of Assia Djebar was Fatima-zohraImalayen where Djebar father was a teacher and he taught French language at Mouzaiavilledans la mitidja primary school where Assia was admitted. Also, she was left at the boarding school located in the Bilda for studying the holy book of Muslim (Quran) and here Djebar was the only women to study in the class as there were no girls are allowed to go to school in that period. Assia Djebar completed her secondary education at College de Bilda and here Djebar was the only person came from the Muslim community, after the completion of the high school education in best way she later went to Paris for doing her higher studies. The life, knowledge and skills she got from her degree course made her to be a best feminist writer and film maker.

Biography of the famous feminist writer
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