Fusionex International is a premier data technology company. It is a global leading company that has won many accolades in a very short span. Often regarded as a leading multi-award-winning company, it has done very healthy collaborations. Recently, they have come up with great initiatives in healthcare in this severe pandemic.

The giant endeavors in big data analytics and artificial intelligence. They are driving customer engagement. They have kept it very holistic development keeping in view the increasing demands of clients. Apart from it, there are many established partnerships that are boosting strategies. This is a ladder in specific growth, here. They are striving excellence in big data and AI technology. Establishing their feet as a leader in the ASEAN market, they are doing breakthrough innovations.

New Agreements

The latest is the announced collaboration with Hitachi Ltd and Fusionex International. They have had the agreement of key strategic partnerships in a new dimension. Their approach is multi-faceted. The joint merger will focus on driving digital businesses in a new phase. With no time, Fusionex has emerged as the most prominent data technology company in the ASEAN region.

The company is infusing its digital resources in its collaboration to maximize results. They have conquered data in the market like never before. They are enabling AI in data analytics products to produce better services to their clients. This SaaS-based platform has digital business expertise in dealing with customers. They are specialized in many trending technology fields. Big data, Machine Learning, IR 4.0, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence are the offerings of the company. They are strengthening and unlocking insights for better data foresight in a nearby decade. Its offerings are even issued in Gartner (US technology-based research firm) reports on Business Intelligence and Modern Analytics.

The Malaysian company has also been featured in Major Player in International Data Corporation’s (IDC) MarketScape report. This has been entitled to Big Data and Analytics. The agreements have also been signed up with Alibaba Cloud. Both data technology providers are raising with their could computing dedication. The appealing agreement is to maximize IT investments in the data business. They have entered a new era of digitalization through increasing opportunities.

Fusionex International Pioneering ASEAN Region

The combined computing will transform digital endeavors. They are developing data technology and computing infrastructure for a better’s tomorrow. They are empowering technology for next-generation and driving customers with new initiatives. Ivan Teh, founder has remarked about the evolution of data technology. He further said that they are also providing aid to new ventures and SMEs. The insight is on providing better outcomes and catering to the particular needs of clients in the business.

The opportunity to grow lies on the horizon of the company. Along with it, they have also done a collaboration with International Medical University (IMU). The vision of the company is being established in such setbacks in frontier lines in the corona pandemic. They are building up the skills, insights, medical research reports. Also, training programs are taken up. Healthcare is also involved in digitalization infrastructure. The future of healthcare cannot be cut off from digital big data tools. Such collaboration will not only be benefiting business but be a boon to mankind in the long run.

Fusionex International Pioneering ASEAN Region
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