Many city dwellers abandoned their cars and travel by bike to school or work every day. Unfortunately, they don’t always have a basement or garage at their disposal to store their two-wheeler. Here designers help with interesting and aesthetic solutions for the hall. So how do you store your bike at home? Look!

Designed by Australian designer Andreas Schieger, the bicycle rack looks like a replica of a hunting trophy. The idea is part of the upcycling project “Festish” inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso.

Original shelf

Handcrafted in San Francisco from walnut and ash, the elegant bicycle holders are also a convenient shelf. Ideally suited to the corridor – we will put keys or correspondence here. Make a visit to for the best choices.

Shoes, books and bicycle

Swiss designer Thomas Walde has created a comfortable bicycle rack, which is also an elegant piece of furniture for the hall. There is space for shoes, a bicycle helmet and other items.

The effect of cooperation between furniture designer Matt Elton and graphic designer Matteo Balderelli. This bike rack has three additional holes that you can use to attach U-locks and cables.

Kappo Bicycle storage room

This elegant storage solution designed by the Berlin studio Mikili is also intended for storing additional items. A functional and aesthetic solution will fit almost any interior.

Thomas Stegelmann created the hanging KVARTAL bicycle hook for Ikea. DIY instructions are rather simple, so you can mount it in a few minutes.


Here is the solution for stair owners. The space under them is often undeveloped, so with the help of simple hooks we can hang bikes there. We will buy hooks in every DIY store.


Elegant, simple and modern bike fixing solution. Two wooden pegs attached to the wall act as hooks on which to hang the bike on the frame.

Unlike the previously described designs, this idea uses a vertical construction that will work in a very small hallway. Bookbike has been designed by BYografia studio and can be adapted to any bike size.

Wooden coat rack

Here is “Iceberg” – a bicycle rack that is a real work of art. Made of high quality oak wood has an interesting geometric form. It is equipped with an easy-to-use mounting system that can be installed on any type of wall.

Saving Space Indoor for Bikes
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