Star Wars The Old Republic is set up as an online MMORPG. In this game one can earn swtor credits to buy upgrades for their character and abilities. Credits are bought with ISK or in other online terms “money”. There are two ways to earn credits in Star Wars The Old Republic. You can buy them from sellers or you can play the game. You need to use some ISK for each level up before you can buy more credits.

If you are new to playing Star Wars the Old Republic then you need to buy store credits. Before you start buying it you need to know some basics. First of all it is not easy to get enough ISK to buy credits in this game. Especially if you are new to the game. The best way to do this is to play the tutorial areas until you get a feel of the game.

There are many areas in SWTOR that allow players to buy store credits. The first thing you need to do is visit your docking port. The Port area on the fleet hub in every major city contains several vendors that allow you to purchase credits. The rate of the credits is generally low but it may increase if you have a high ISK account. The best option to get credits is to buy them from a player because the higher your ISK account the lower the rate of the credits.

If you are interested in the game but do not have enough money to buy the credits you should consider buying the items you need to complete the quests. The easiest way to earn credits is to sell the unwanted junk, salvage or unwanted equipment. Once you have made some ISK you can buy the required items from the market. This will help you level your profession faster.

You should also consider buying some rare items in order to gain some ISK. The most profitable items to buy are mission rewards. You can buy these from the vendor in the game hub. These are very helpful in doing some of the harder quests. It is always advisable to check the auction house before making any big purchases, because it is very possible that there are people who are trying to make ISK selling these items.

These are just some of the many methods to earn SWTOR credits at They are very useful in earning some quick cash. However, some of these methods are best avoided because they are more risky. If you are really interested in the game you should be careful and avoid scams and cheats because the success of your mission could depend on it!

Some Methods to Earn Star Wars Gaming Credits
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