FinuTrade is a company that was founded in 2008 by an American and a Nigerian. They believe that they can help people who have been left behind by the global economy to rebuild their lives, through both the financial and technology sectors. FinuTrade has created a platform that enables its users to create micro-financing opportunities for individuals and businesses, regardless of where they live. FinuTrade is a blockchain based trading platform for affordable goods and services. We are building a global financial technology which helps companies and individuals who need to send money home, find local buyers and sellers. FinuTrade is a financial technology company that provides low cost, efficient and transparent financial services to improve the living standards of South-South countries. FinuTrade offers credit and debit cards, loans, and mobile banking capabilities that allow customers to manage their funds in one place. This makes it easier for more people to obtain the funds they need for their day-to-day expenses.

Markets Overview: Global financial markets

FinuTrade is a financial platform that connects investors, traders and market makers in Africa to trade using low cost and innovative technologies. This will help increase liquidity and lower market costs for investors. FinuTrade is a blockchain-based financial platform that is designed to provide lower cost financing and loan services. FinuTrade primary target market are the 2.5 billion people in Africa who are underserved by traditional financing methods. They aim to provide a more affordable and accessible form of financial services for those individuals.

How does the platform work?

The platform is designed to provide financial services to people in emerging markets, specifically those in countries that don’t have access to banks or other traditional financial institutions. It’s a digital platform that allows users of the platform to send, receive, and exchange money via mobile devices. It also has a decentralized system where transactions are recorded on a blockchain ledger without any country-based limitations.

FinuTrade – Financial Technology for the South-South
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