Calling on a lawyer specializing in car accidents in Oakwood is essential to benefit from the best possible defense, whether you are responsible or victim. If you have suffered significant bodily injury or material damage, call on Oakwood legal group, an expert in the management of road accident cases in the region.

Personal injury and compensable damage in the event of a car accident

A person injured or having suffered bodily injury during a car accident can claim appropriate compensation, whether or not the driver of the vehicle concerned. “Bodily injury” includes attacks on the physical, moral or economic integrity of the victim. Personal effects, including valuables, jewelry, as well as damaged devices such as glasses, prostheses, etc. are also taken into account.

The compensable damages identified by the Ministry of Justice are currently: medical costs relating to bodily injury, loss of income, functional and permanent deficits due to the accident, physical and mental suffering, professional or school consequences, accommodation and adapted vehicle, assistance by a third party, loss of approval.

Why be accompanied by a specialized lawyer?

Using the services of an Oakwood car lawyer for a car accident in Oakwood is the best option for ensuring the success of your legal fight if you are the victim of an accident in this department. He will help you to assert your rights and obtain reparations corresponding to the damage you suffered during an accident. He will give you professional advice and will stand by your side to support you in your test.

Who are Oakwood legal group?

The lawyers who are members of the Oakwood legal group are recognized for their mastery of several areas of law: criminal law, liability litigation, insurance law. The Oakwood legal group meets all the legal needs of individuals. The Oakwood legal group develops the strategy guaranteeing the achievement of the objectives set on a case-by-case basis, as well as the means of ending disputes. The lawyers of the firm Oakwood legal group take charge of all the procedures imposed by each case, they undertake at all times to obey the deontological rules which frame the profession of lawyer whose main ones are: the duty of advice and information, the confidentiality of the files, the secrecy of the investigation and the instruction, the principle of adversarial.

What the Car Accident Lawyers are Truly for
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